The Dolphin Pizzeria

76 Main Street, Portrush.

Traditional, Gourmet and Speciality Pizzas.

The Dolphin Pizzeria

76, Main Street


BT56 8BN


Your one-stop shop for all your pizza & pasta; fish & chips; chicken, burgers, sausages & pasties; side-orders, dips, sauces and drinks.



Please click below to enlarge our 'Pizza & Pasta' menu and see our range of speciality pizzas, tradional garlic beds, dips and sauces.


Or why not create your own gourmet pizza?


Add your choice of toppings to one of our Speciality Pizzas,

or transform a Margherita into your very own 'Portrush Pizza Perfection'.



Click below to enlarge the 'Fish and Chip' section of our menu - including fish, chips, chicken, burgers, sausages and a full range of side-dishes including French fried onions, battered mushrooms, curry, gravy, peas and beans.